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Zemic Europe

New website, more convergence!

  • Project:Zemic Europe.
  • Responsibilities:Online strategy // UX // Design // Web Development

Zemic Europe needed a new website and more convergence. To determine their exact need we sat down with the client to create a new (online) strategy. Using various business models we came to the ideal solution. We build a commercial online shop together with an entire new website. Paired with a dashboard which displays all metrics for a perfect business solution. As mentioned by the client, what they liked the most about working with Trusted Rebels was how they were assisted in developing their strategic goals, determining their KPI’s and linking this to their online strategy.

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The client and the process

Zemic Europe is a European manufacturer and designer of load cells, strain gages and force sensors found the perfect partner in Trusted Rebels when they were looking for a stronger online positioning of their brand. Zemic Europe is a very proud and satisfied Trusted Rebel client, now that their website seamlessly connects with their strategy as market leader in their industry. Within the first month of the website launch Zemic Europe’s clients are already complimenting them for their new website and online sales have already started to grow. For determining a good (online) business strategy we use the BBSC model during our sessions with our clients. As soon as we have a firm grasp on the BBSC we apply that using three fases: Think, Build and Use.